Britt Knows Best!

Oily skin, brittle nails, need to know which brush is better for blush or shadows? Britts Beauty Bag is the place for you!

I’ve over indulged in this site (so to speak)  and by gosh, I’ve fallen in love. Britt is on target with the latest and healthiest beauty tips, tricks, and products. She believes that each individual should feel as good on the inside as they do on the outside and her helpful tips are keen in seeing that this is done. Ladies (and gents) if you’re having trouble with chapped lips and don’t know what’s the best option, Chap-aid or Chap-stick, Britt knows. If your like me, always smudging your nail polish because your rather inpatient and hardly ever wait for them to dry, Britt knows how to fix this as well. If you’re completely against parting ways with cracked eyeshadow, but tired of them destroying your make-up bag, Britt has the insight on repairing those shadows as well.

After reading every tip and attempting each and every trick, I have come to one conclusion; Britt knows! (lol) I am certain that this young is abreast with every inkclant and detail “we” should know about maintaining healthy inner cores that reflect  healthy outer crest.

She is also entrepreneur and brain-child behind Fate Cosmetics, an eye-shadow line, that’s’ colors are so vibrant and radiant that their sure to add an extra bite to your bark, as you scurry out and about. 

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Real vs Fake Baby Bump


Just say the name Beyonce and people go crazy! She is a household name these days & her fame and celebrity are growing bigger & bigger…just like her baby bump!

The world was ecstatic the day Beyonce announced that she was expecting with husband & Hip-Hop superstar Jay-Z at the 2011 MTV music awards earlier this fall…until the interview heard round the world!!!!!

While approaching her chair to sit down to do an interview it looks as of Beyonce’s baby bump “folds” over which created MAJOR CONTROVERSY. Questions and rumors about Beyonce’s pregnancy started flying. People all over were wondering if Beyonce was faking the pregnancy & if her baby bump was even real!

For video of Beyonce’s “FAKE BUMP” click here ——> Real or Fake?

Are You a Shoe Junky?

Ever find yourself  in the jungle you call a closet and after tossing several articles of clothing, shoes, and accessories in the “give away” pile you come across an item you can’t seem to part ways with? It’s old, beat up, and appears to be from another decade or dimension, but that doesn’t detear your love for it. Well you are not alone!

This is a problem I face at least twice each year with shoes & it drives me CRAZY! When I start to take a good look at them I realize that the taps gone, there are scrapes & scuffs, but I hold on to them never steeping foot in them, subliminally telling myself I’ll have them repaired to new again (yeah right)! LOL!

However, while surfing the web one day I stumbled upon a site called Shoe Junky by Toni and thought that it was so ingenious & so amazing that I had to write about it!

Ms. Toni vows to repair and re-vamp your old beat up shoes & make them fabulous again! Shoes are revitalized with beads, studs, flowers, stones, feathers and a host of other materials that are sure to bring your shoe back to life.

Recently, I just took a pair of my old shoes to Shoe Junky by Toni and was amazed with the results but don’t take my word for it! Head on over to Shoe Junky by Toni & see for yourself what Ms. Toni has to offer!

Rudolph = Bullying?

Prepartions for Christmas and the Holiday season are everywhere! Every nook & cranny is filled with Christmas lights, Santa Claus statues & decorations preparing for this magical day. We are even seeing it on tv, Christmas commercials, movies & music are swirling all around but this year things are a little different regarding one of tv’s holiday classics!

The 1960’s film,Ruldoph the Red Nose Reindeer, is being criticized saying that it promotes bullying and that it should be removed from the air. With all of the efforts and campaigns that have popped up this year to stop bullying, some critics are saying that this holiday classic is sending the wrong message to our children.

What are your thoughts? Do you think that Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer promotes bullying? Do you think that it should be removed from televsion airways?

Take a look at this article posted by Huffington Post and you be the judge…

Sex Sells, But at Who’s Expense?

Sexual Media Messages on Televisions’ Affects on College Students

     The media holds an incredible influence in the lives of adolescents today, way more than it did in years past. Sexual content within television has a great impact on adolescent behavior; especially college students. Students between the ages of 18 through 22 consume a great deal of media. At such impressionable ages, where the pressures of fitting in runs rapid, they are constantly bombarded with sexual images on television. Be it television programming, music videos, or television shows, this type of media remains a constant in the lives of college students. Although awareness commercials and advertisements air, television programming thereafter are completely contrary, therefore making  awareness campaigns a bit of a contradiction. Campuses throughout the Unites States of America behave in unhealthy sexual behavior on a regular basis, due to what they view on television.  Sex in media messages has become a norm within society.While the mass media remains progressively more accessible, it stands as an educator in many areas and one of these being sex. The media educates in a way that allows adolescents to freely express themselves sexually and do so without embarrassment. 

This can be seen as a positive effect of the media. Yet on the contraire, this same form of education can sometimes lead this particular group of young people astray, deeming it highly negative. Sexual content viewed on television has a direct affect on college students’ attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors, as well as how these media messages are being interpreted.  The media is extremely informative, yet in some ways what young people take in from it can be harmful. The media has the ability and the know how to persuade like no other medium. Television portrays sex as a small minuet ordeal. It also conveys unrealistic, stereotypical, unhealthy images. Evidence consistently places television as a key component in the socialization of youth. A prominent finding is that television often emphasizes a frivolous point of view to sexual relationships, in which sex is portrayed as a casual, leisure activity motivated solely by physical pleasure and personal gain.  Yet where are the consequences of this behavior. It is no secret that sex sells,but is society as a whole allowing sex to sell at the exspense of our young people?

Phone Phrenzy


When society wakes up each morning there are a few things many of us have to do . Things that we find vital to our very being. Regimens that we have partaking in or indulged in so long rather, that we become a bit off track or out of sync if we neglect to do them. One of these regimens being, reaching over to the night stand, or to the dresser, or for some of us even right under our pillow, arms etc to grab our cell phones. We mustn’t neglect to find out what may have transpired on these devices while we were away in our sleep and slumber. I myself, am extremely guilty of this and other phone afflictions as well. One in particular is my need for the latest or at least the most up to date celluar device on the market. I recently considered the big shark of cell phones today; the Iphone5 or in my case(being a Sprint customer) Iphone4s. Consumers have been in an all out uproar about this particular device. Just a week ago I walked into Best Buy to feed my need for technology. lol I was excited until the sales-girl informed me that IPhone4s users would have to wait at least 2 weeks for new devices due to the demand in orders the first day these devices became available. I quickly decided against the IPhone and decided I’d remain loyal to team Android. However, more than just the U.S. have foreseen increased revenues due to this device.  Check it out…

Journalism in A Distance

The future for  Journalism, students perspective